You were all really kind and downright cool about my Star Wars-inspired insects posted here last year so I’ve been encouraged to post more.

I hope you enjoy that “Aha!” moment when you recognize which icon from classic Horror Cinema each insect is inspired by. The ‘Latin’ names might give you a hint if you can’t see it!

I have painted hundreds of these critters, inspired by all aspects of popular culture, from Marvel to Sanrio.

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‘Belua nemanostagnumensis’

‘Prometheonovus prodigium’

‘Insomnium ulmusvicus’

‘Rexmonstra urbiumeversorum’

‘Jaceo voraginosus’

‘Teratodisimiae Rex’

‘Necuratu transylvestris’

‘Sophocent scurrasalto-skarsgard’

‘Sophocent scurrasalto-currio’

‘Illivivo obedio’

‘Daemonius sanctimonialis’

‘Lykanthropos chaneyiuniorea’

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