MoPlay or NoPlay? Betting Review +£726.32 in 1 Afternoon…

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Mo Play, No Play, Don’t Play, Can’t Play? …or, sod off if you dare to beat us mate.

A post sharing my recent experiences and highlighting the shocking truth that betting operators don’t want the general public to know (again).

Have you seen MoPlay’s relentless advertising campaigns recently? I did, so I thought I’d have a little tickle with them whilst partaking in my usual Saturday afternoon routine in the betting markets…

MoPlay Review: When You ‘Beat the Bookie’

The betting company MoPlay’s catchphrase, taken straight from one of their search engine adverts is…

“The world has changed and now we are here to change the game. It’s time to upgrade your betting and gaming experience.”

Bingo on the buzzword bullshit.

It reminds me of being in a boardroom meeting with city types talking about “blue sky thinking” or “synergistic relationships.”

Or when you dine out in one of those super-expensive restaurants with “hand-sourced rustic bread.”

Honestly, who falls for this crap?

Anyway, on to how MoPlay upgraded my betting and gaming experience…

Nice looking logo though, so that’s a plus.

Note: Betting exchange accounts are NOT restricted like MoPlay.
If you haven’t got one already, get a Betfair Exchange account here. £20 risk-free bet included (t&c’s apply).

MoPlay isn’t lone in this kind of behaviour though. I’ve logged my experiences with other betting companies on YouTube here.

MoPlay’s Free Bet?

MoPlay offers lots of free bets and has a half-decent sign-up offer.

Although it’s useless if they won’t let you place the free bet, isn’t it?

Get ready for Doctor Strange with!

I mean how is that fair or transparent?

And this is my gripe… shouldn’t they be forced to say something like:

“new customers, free bet, winners will be stake restricted in one day.”

Because that’s the reality.

The speed at which they are able to identify winners also raises another question for me, a moral one.

Why can’t they identify problem gamblers so quick?

I mean, it’s exactly the same process!! Just in the other direction. Gambling addiction is a very serious topic, that doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion.

MoPlay Email:

Finally, I received this email a day after the bets were placed.

It seems they must update their promotions distributions list pretty regularly, not that I was interested. I just wanted to get a normal bet on…


No MoPlay for me.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found my MoPlay review useful!

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