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Cyberpunk’s Latest Patch Is Basically A Brand New Game

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Today, on SVG News, we'll be your guide  as we take a fresh look at a game with so   many bugs you probably didn't buy it and an Xbox  accessory so pricey, you probably can't afford it. "Well then, what's the point  of the whole thing? I mean,   why do I even need you? What does a guide do?" Developer CD Projekt Red has just  released the 1.

2 patch for Cyberpunk 2077,   which has delivered hundreds of  bug fixes and gameplay adjustments.   This is excellent news for fans of the  title, as the sheer number of updates   essentially make Cyberpunk 2077 into a brand  new — and much more playable — experience. "It's about damn time.

" Cyberpunk 2077 was initially released with  some truly funny bugs, as well as some that   were downright game-breaking. Some of CDPR's  attempts to fix these bugs have actually made   the game worse. This new patch attempts to fix  some of the most prominent problems with the game,   making it more playable for the fans who  still want to experience life in Night City.

One of the biggest issues the patch addressed is  the behavior of the NCPD. The police in Cyberpunk   2077 function similarly to how they would in  a Grand Theft Auto game. You commit a crime,   someone reports it, and then the cops  come — or at least, that's the idea. Players on Reddit have discovered  that it doesn't really work that way.

   Since Cyberpunk's Dec. 10 release, the NCPD have  instantly spawned around the immediate area where   V committed the crime and started shooting. That  means, if you steal something or punch someone,   a cop will appear out of thin air right next to  you, gun drawn. The new patch has increased the   NCPD spawn radius, giving you a moment to try  and escape while they rush to your location.

Projekt Red has also made a lot  of adjustments to the driving. Cruising around Night City and the surrounding  wasteland is a major part of the game,   but fans on the official Cyberpunk forums have  found the controls in the release version of   Cyberpunk to be floaty, awkward, and difficult to  master.

The 1.2 patch introduced a new steering   slider in the controls settings which allows  players to adjust their steering sensitivity,   and an "Unstuck Rocking/Rotation" feature  that allows players to wobble their vehicles   free when they get stuck. The patch notes  also mention several, quote, "minor driving   model tune revisions to some vehicles to improve  steering, cure excessive body roll and oversteer.

" That's just the tip of the iceberg. Cyberpsychos  and mini-bosses are now immune to tranquilizers,   V can no longer eat in situations where  it wouldn't fit the context of the scene,   and there are dozens upon dozens of mission, NPC,   and item-specific fixes that all make  the game more immersive and functional.

SVG recently conducted a survey of 618 people  across the United States and found that 28.96%   of people thought that Cyberpunk  was the biggest flop of 2020.   Hopefully this patch and CDPR's further planned  updates are a step in the right direction. Procuring an Xbox Series X and its related  accessories is already an expensive proposition.

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   There's the pricey system itself, sure, but  bundling it with things like an extra controller,   an expansion card, and a rechargeable battery  means even more money out of your pocket. Now,   Microsoft has announced a new headset that  will literally cost as much as the Series X. "I'm expensive!" Back in September 2020, Xbox debuted  the Designed For Xbox initiative,   in which the Xbox brand has partnered  with multiple luxury and gaming brands,   all in an effort, quote, "to enhance the user  experience on Xbox by building quality consumer   products from brands they love.

" One of those  partnerships was with luxury brand Bang & Olufsen,   and the two companies have created the new headset  that is making waves in the Xbox community. The new Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal Headset  comes in a few different color variants:   Grey Mist, Black Anthracite, and Navy  Brass.

The Black Anthracite headset is   available for purchase today, and it will set  you back an eye-watering $499 a pair. The Navy   Brass and Grey Mist versions can currently be  preordered, and are expected to ship in May. The product description for the  headphones says that they feature,   quote, "quick-access gaming functions,  rock-solid connectivity for mobile gaming,   and Dolby Atmos virtualized surround  sound for an immersive gaming experience.

" "Sweet music to my ears." The Beoplay Portal headset is designed to connect  with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One right out of the   box. These headsets are also built with a "virtual  boom arm," which uses beamforming microphones to   pick up the players' voice, thereby, quote,  "eliminat[ing] the need for a traditional   gaming boom arm.

" Players will have the ability  to customize the balance of game and chat audio,   which should come in handy when trying to  coordinate with a squad in the middle of a   tense firefight. Oh, and the earcups themselves  are lined with lambskin for extra comfort.   So, okay, it's beginning to make a bit  more sense that this thing costs $499.

"I accept your terms! I accept!" Of course, for gamers who want to snag  a decent headset for their Series X|S   without parting with the same amount  of cash they spent on their console,   Microsoft has recently released a new  wireless headset that only costs $100.

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